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What is AlloHash?

AlloHash is a platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology and the smart contracts. This revolutionary solution allows you to send, receive and exchange cryptocurrency without needing an internet access. All you need to do is send an sms ! the fees are the same each time, the prices are flat rate global coverage

Wherever you are and wherever you want to send SMS – the cost for sending SMS will be the same everytime! Our prices are flat rate global coverage.

How does it work?

it’s simple, it’s easy and does not need a lot of explications ! all you have to do is start a new conversation / write an sms with the commande : “send 1 btc to the correspondent number (expl :+1234879)”. The platform will do the rest for you and  transfer the balance instantly from your wallet ! No more high transaction fees, no more waiting for the confirmation, and  especially no more internet !


Payments and transactions between two users digitally are difficult to imagine without internet these days, it seems like a nightmare when a person requires doing an urgent transaction but the internet is not available and if somehow the transactions managed to go through a different medium the interaction with interface always seems like an uphill task for the users. Mostly digital payment systems and trading exchanges now a days have an interface that are hard nearly impossible to understand and use requiring a load of verifications and documents. Read more - White Paper


Allohash: The Unique Combination Now, imagine the explosive combination of all the above.

Allohash is a groundbreaking platform that enables users to sell, buy or convert virtual currencies via SMS. A platform where anyone can send the content or trade currencies without being connected to the Internet! Advantages of SMS Payment Systems For the Customer • It is quick and easy to use. • The purchaser doesn’t have to enter in their credit card or bank details, or even have a bank account. • It is more secure as no personal details or account details are Released. Read more - White Paper

AlloHash advantages

Allohash are ideal for consumers that do not have access to Internet.

Real Time

AlloHash aims to beat the speed limits ! The platform gives you the ability to receive and send cryptocurrencies from/ to anywhere in the world quickly, easily and safely.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

You can buy your private virtual number with " Allohash coin " and we will send you a unique link to read your incoming sms. With our VMN service you can receive cryptocurrency from any user

Flat rate sms global coverage

Since you will be using SMS for your transactions, the fees will be the same as set by your mobile operator.

Free sms API

Our most popular connection, HTTP is one of the simpler ways to connect to the AlloHash API. It is used as an HTTP/Internet get, by passing the required paramters , for high volume sending you can use our SMPP connection .


Our control panel provides professional analysis tools that allow you to track and optimize your transactions, check your balance in real time, administrate your services and payment methods, view statistics and interactive reports of your sales, and more.

Compatible with All Devices

Provide uninterrupted customer experience on desktop, mobile devices and Smart TV.

  • Desktop
  • iOS/Android
  • Smart TV

Allohash can be easily integrated in a web application, allowing your customers to get digital content directly from your website.Ensure uninterrupted customer experience on Android and iOS devices with AlloHash native SDKs.Users may enter payment information with their remote control or complete checkout online by visiting a unique URL or scanning a QR code.



Low prices for SMS messages and fast response allow to not only attract new, but also keep current clients, present products, manage client loyalty, strengthen brand awareness and communicate important information.

Price for one SMS:

0.0192 EUR



messages are read


people prefer to receive offers to their mobile phones


times a day we check our mobile phones


  • Instant transactions

  • Safe online environment

  • Multiple wallets

  • Great customer support

  • Easy to deposit and withdraw

  • Residual affiliate income

  • KYC solution

  • API integration for complete flexibility

  • Growing range of alternative payment types

  • Extended reason codes for declined transactions

  • Highly flexible & real-time reporting functionality

  • Multi-channel & multi-currency support

  • Advanced fraud prevention & management tools

  • Seamless integration with multiple acquiring banks

  • Reliable & secure platform - 99.99% uptime

  • Accessible dedicated support team


Our team actively monitor the transactions made to ensure your and your consumers' security, preventing fraud, and keeping optimal use and running of the payment platform. We have a very enthusiastic and multilingual support staff prepared to help you with anything you need.

Vladlen Manshin

Team management, project coordination, marketing

Damon Poole

Team management, project coordination, marketing

Erica Bowles

Team management, project coordination, marketing


The minimum amount will be 0.01 ETH

The total hard cap is 180,000,000 ALH in the pre-ICO and ICO.

For the ICO: North Korea, China and the USA are the only exclusion.

Yes, our applications to all major exchanges will be submitted once the ICO has finished.

No, a finite amount of ALH tokens will be issued.

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